About My Artwork

Created through a semi-automatic process, my drawings, paintings, and prints are visual hybrids referencing comic and cartoon media, politics, religion, technology, science, and art history. They tend to be irreverent, because I have developed a healthy skepticism of political, economic, and religious institutions, and a suspicion of anyone seeking control over resources and others. Immersed as I am in the currents of contemporary culture, my intention is to create conceptually dense pictures that offer small windows onto an anxious, troubled, and marvelous world.


I have been making charcoal drawings on drafting film for the past several years. Though these materials weren’t exactly designed for each other, I like the quality of line they produce together and their resilience in reworking. I am able to erase into drawings with remarkable ease. Moving freely between marking and erasing the surface allows images and ideas to emerge together out of process.

I have never been good at directly transcribing thoughts into concrete form, i.e. illustrating concepts that are fully formed in my head. I prefer using drawing as an extension of my imagination. I cannot seem to completely realize complexity within the confines of my mind. If my brain has a storehouse of images, they are only nascent ideas requiring plastic expression to coalesce into more complex concepts.

Hollow Vessel.jpg